Sneaky Tricks to Avoid Paying More On Premium Nights

Halloween weekend at ScreamWorld is always a little crazy, and this weekend will be no exception.  Everyone is in a haunted mood Halloween weekend, so the crowds are huge.  We do everything we can to cope, including having live entertainers perform while you wait Friday and Saturday night.  But if you aren’t the patient type, then you might want to come a bit earlier.  We are open every night the week of Halloween, including tonight. So if you want to keep things a bit saner, come a little early.

But maybe you’re a little crazy when it comes to Halloween… and you want to be there for one of our biggest nights.  Well, we get it.  We look forward to having you.  But you should know: Ticket prices will go up $5 per ticket Friday and Saturday (Oct 30 and 31).  

But because you are one of our loyal fans, we’re going to let you in on…

Some Sneaky Tricks to Avoid Paying More for Premium Nights

  • Come Early (duh!) – Did I mention we are open every night this week?
  • Come on Sunday (Nov 1) – Yes, we’ll be open Sunday and the price will go back down.
  • Buy a Group Pack – Prices on group tickets and party packs will not be going up at all.
  • Buy Tickets Online Before Friday – You can still come Friday or Saturday, and we will honor your online ticket.  (Sneaky, right?)

Don’t miss out this year.  Come and see us.  The sooner the better.

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