5 Haunted Attractions... 1 Price

The Swamp (formerly the Skull Cave) is considered the most high-tech haunted attraction in Houston – with very elaborate scenes and sophisticated animatronic features. 
Jake’s Slaughterhouse is a grim, old-style meat processing plant – complete with slaughtered beef, gutted hogs, skinned animals, rotting carcasses… and a few things no meat market should ever have.
Edge of Darkness features scenes from the dark underside of our modernizing society – including our Hospital Room, the Boiler Room, Death Row, and the Morgue.
Asylum Maze is an outdoor attraction where prowling evil clowns use disorienting strobe lights and meandering corridors to their advantage as they systematically hunt you down.
Zombie Graveyard, nestled in the hollow of a forgotten bog, is an outdoor attraction that is the final home of a host of monstrous creatures that never rest in peace – includes the Vortex Tunnel.

In the House of Heads, everyone is losing their heads. Everywhere you turn there are heads floating or waiting to be delivered on a platter!  In the Dot Dungeon we have taken a classic fan favorite scene and put it on maximum steroids, enlarging it by 300%. You will be attacked from every direction non-stop. The hard part is trying to see where the attacks are coming from!