Get your tickets now to Houston's #1 Rated Haunted Event:

The Voodoo Swamp: 

Voodoo Swamp is a dark, damp journey to magic and fear – with snakes, marsh monsters, and terrifying critters of all sorts.


Jakes Slaughterhouse: 

Jake’s Slaughterhouse is a grim, old-style meat processing plant – complete with slaughtered beef, gutted hogs, skinned animals, rotting carcasses... and a few things no meat market should ever have.

Edge of Darkness: 

Edge of Darkness features scenes from the dark underside of our modernizing society – including our Hospital Room, the Boiler Room, Death Row, and the Morgue. 

Maze of Maniacs: 

Maze of Maniacs is an outdoor attraction where prowling evil clowns use disorienting strobe lights and meandering corridors to their advantage as they systematically hunt you down.

Zombie Graveyard: 

Zombie Graveyard, nestled in the hollow of a forgotten bog, is an outdoor attraction that is the final home of a host of monstrous creatures that never rest in peace – includes the Vortex Tunnel.