Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ)

Visiting Screamworld

When does Screamworld open?
Please check our hours page for dates and times.

What days and times is Screamworld open for business?
The hours for Screamworld are 7:30 PM to 10:00 PM for Sunday through Thursday and 8:00 to 12:00 AM for Fridays and Saturdays. See our Dates and Times and Ticket Info pages for more information.

What happens if I’m still waiting in line at closing time?
At closing time, we will stop people from entering the grounds, however, we will keep the haunted house going until everyone that is in line gets through.

How do I get to Screamworld?
Screamworld is located in Northern Houston at 2225 N Sam Houston Parkway W, Houston, Texas 77038. For more help finding us, click the directions tab.

How much are tickets?
That varies, depending on night, options, coupons, etc. etc. See our Tickets Page for more info.

Where can I get tickets?
Tickets are available on our website or onsite at the ticket booth. You’ll often pay less money if you purchase your tickets through the website.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept credit cards online; however, we do not accept credit cards at the ticket booth. We have a cash machine available if you need it.

How many tickets do I need to purchase to qualify for a group discount?
At least 10. Click here for more information about groups.

If I print out a coupon, does that cover just me or does it cover my whole group?
Each coupon is good for only one ticket. You have to print a separate coupon for each person in your party.

Can I combine offers?
Usually, you are not allowed to combine two different discount offers, but you can always check with the ticket booth to be sure.

Do I have to purchase a separate ticket for each attraction?
No, one of the great things about Screamworld is that one ticket gets you into all five attractions. You will also only have to stand in line once, as the attractions flow into each other.

If I purchase a ticket, how many times do I get to go through the different attractions?
With a VIP Pass, you can go through as many times as you like until we close on All You Can Scream Nights. On other nights, you will have to purchase a separate ticket for each trip through the attractions.

Do you offer lower prices for children?

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Screamworld Attractions

What are the five attractions?
The five attractions in order are the 1) Maze of Maniacs, 2) Skull Cave (which includes Voodoo Swamp), 3) the Edge of Darkness, 4) Jake’s Slaughterhouse, and 5) the Zombie Graveyard. You pay only once to get into all of the attractions, and you only need to stand in line once.

Is the Maze of Maniacs a real maze where you have to find your way out?
The Maze of Maniacs is one of our outdoor features. The maze itself is hard enough, but you also have several of our residents inside the maze tormenting you. It’s an unnerving experience.

Can I skip an attraction if I want to?
The first and the fifth attractions are located outside, so it’s easier to opt out of them. However, the second, third, and fourth attractions are located indoors. Once you enter the second attraction, you must exit through the fourth attraction; in other words, there’s no going back. That said, we do have Exit signs throughout the building; however, if you exit the building, your tour is over.

Are the knives and chainsaws real? Will they touch me?
Yes, they are real; and no, they won’t touch you.

Is all that blood real?
We found that real blood spoils, and in the quantities we need it, we end up sucking the supply out of all the metro hospitals. We often have to improvise.

Do you have any maggots, insects, or snakes?
I cannot confirm or deny the existence or non-existence of any such creatures — live or simulated. You’ll have to see what lurks inside for yourself.

Do you have any snakes because I’m phobic about snakes. I might even faint.
Yes, we have snakes.

Do you have clowns?
There are one or two clowns, but there are no clown-based scenes inside.

Do you have a cave?
We have a skull cave. Pretty cool.

What kind of scares can I expect?
Actors will scare you, which they tend to do when you least expect it. They tend to pick on people in the middle of the group, because the folks in the middle of the group are the ones who tend to scare the most easily.

Are the attractions really dark?
The level of darkness varies. Some sections are made as dark as possible to enhance fear. Other sections are better lit, but that light may show you more than you want to see…

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Customer Guidelines

I’m a girl who gets scared really easily. Is it okay for me to bring a date, or will I just make a fool out of myself?
Screamworld is a popular dating venue. Fear brings people together. If you feel like you will embarrass yourself, you might want to skip the date, but generally, guys find that kind of reaction cute.

Is Screamworld wheelchair accessible?
Yes. Everything is on the same floor. There is a short flight of stairs going down to the last feature (the Zombie Graveyard), but this area is also accessible by ramp and there are people stationed there to help you if you need it.

Can I go to Screamworld if I’m pregnant?
It’s just a little bit too risky. If the doorman sees that you are visibly pregnant, you will not be allowed into the attractions.

I’ve been told I have a heart condition. Can I still come to Screamworld?
It’s not a good idea. Screamworld is about the equivalent of a roller coaster ride; not the place to be if you have ticker issues.

Is Screamworld appropriate for kids?
Screamworld is a very intense experience. It is not designed for children younger than 12.

How old do you have to be to get into Screamworld?
Children who are 12 or older are welcome to come on their own. Children younger than 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

I’m 13, but I look younger. Will I be able to get in without my parents?
Probably. It’s hard to card a 13-year-old. The doorman will probably give you the benefit of the doubt…but just in case, bring your school ID along.

Question: I’m ten. My parents won’t take me to Screamworld. Can I come on my own?
Sorry, you have to be at least 12 years old to come on your own.

Can I bring my five-year-old daughter to Screamworld?
Technically, a child can go through the haunted house under adult supervision, but I doubt the doorman would allow a child that young to go in. Screamworld is an intense experience designed to scare adults. Exposing a young child to it is REALLY not a good idea.

Are there any special discounts for kids?

I’m scared of the dark. Can I bring a flashlight with me?
No. Not only would that ruin the experience for you, it would also ruin it for the other people in your group.

Can I bring food or beverages inside?
Sorry, no.

Can I take pictures or videos?
You are welcome to take pictures and videos outside of Screamworld. You may even be able to convince a ghoul or a monster to pose with you, though they’re a pretty scary lot. However, no photography or videotaping is allowed inside Screamworld or in any of the outside attractions.

Why can’t we take pictures inside?
The light from your digital screen or the flash from your camera might disturb other people.

Can I wear my iPod inside?
Yes, but why on earth would you want to?

Can I carry my purse with me?
Yes, but keep track of it. When one of our monsters comes at you, it’s easy to drop your purse without even noticing that it’s gone.

Can I bring my cell phone to Screamworld?
You can bring it, but set it to vibrate and don’t take it out as you go through the attractions.

Will the monsters grab me or chase me?
No, we have a strict no-touch policy. And while the monsters my follow you, they won’t chase you, because we also have a policy against running.

What if one of the actors accidentally touches me? Or I panic and hit him?
It’s not like you explode or anything. The rule is “we don’t touch you; you don’t touch us.” If our actors do touch you, it is by accident. It happens. If you aggressively try to touch us, someone will escort you out.

Will the actors scream and get in my face?
We have a no-touch policy, but they do scream. Overall, our focus is less on aggression than on surprise and atmosphere.

Are we allowed to hug actors?
Air-hugs only, due to the no-touch policy. But I doubt you’ll be in the mood for a hug, anyway. Our actors mean business; not too much loving goes on in the haunted house. Most people are afraid to get that close to them.

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Tips for Enjoying the Screamworld Experience

I’m going to be coming to Screamworld alone, and I’m really nervous. Any advice?
You might come here alone and then team up with some other group that looks friendly once you get here. It’s a great way to make new friends; fear brings people together.

My friends and I are driving two hours to get to Screamworld. Is it really worth the trip?
It is absolutely worth the trip, so make it a full evening of Halloween fun. Rent some scary movies or take turns telling ghost stories during the ride down. Try to arrive when we are a little busy, perhaps around 9:00 on a Saturday night. The crowd kind of builds the excitement, and it is fun watching the actors heckling and scaring people while you wait in line. Take it all in! You might want to show up on one of our All You Can Scream Nights so you can go back through as much as you want.

What is the best way to enjoy Screamworld?
Avoid keeping your eyes closed or trying to get through the attractions too fast. Being scared is fun. Enjoy the fear.

How long does it take to go through all the attractions?
Depending on how busy it is and how long you wait in line, usually 45 minutes to an hour. Don’t rush through the attractions. Take some time to savor every scary detail. Before you go through, you might want to walk around the grounds and have your fortune told or see if you can get your picture taken with a ghoul. If you come on an All You Can Scream Night, you can go back through a few more times.

Can I wear my Halloween costume to Screamworld?
Absolutely. It is common for people to come to Screamworld in costume. Just don’t bring any props that might be harmful to the actors, or to others in your own group, if you started swinging them. (Hey, we’re scary; panic happens.)

Are sandals and flip-flops allowed?
They’re allowed, but they’re not a good idea. For one thing, you may get your toes stepped on by people in your own group, and sandals offer very little protection. For another thing, it’s easy to get freaked out and leave your sandals and flip-flops behind as you hurry to get out of the way of our monsters and ghouls. See our Flip-Flop Video.

Can I wear boots?
Sure, just be considerate of other people in your group. Try not to step on any feet.

Any other clothing suggestions?
Tennis shoes that fit snugly are probably your best bet for footwear. You can come in costume or in street clothes, but whatever you’re wearing, make sure it isn’t too tight. The last thing you want to do is get startled, jump, and rip your pants.

How long will I have to wait in line?
That depends on the day and time you arrive, as well as how late it is in the season. Early in the season, our lines are very short. If you wait until the last week of October, expect to wait an hour or more; however, we do provide entertainment while you wait.

When are the best times to come to avoid a crowd?
Thursdays and Sundays are our lightest days. It’s also best to come early, when Screamworld first opens. If it is a late night, come after 10.

When should I come if I like the crowds?
Being with large groups of people can increase the energy, and we provide entertainment while you wait; it’s fun to see the monsters tormenting the people in line. If you want the crowd experience, your best bet is a Saturday night around 9:00 PM.

What is a Fast Pass?
A Fast Pass (also called a VIP Pass or VIP Fast Pass) allows you to skip to the head of the line so you don’t have to wait (except for the other VIPs). On average, you’ll pay about ten dollars more for a Fast Pass than you would for a regular ticket. If you’re coming late on a Saturday evening or towards the end of the season, a Fast Pass may save you some time and frustration.

Do you split up groups?
Small groups are allowed to go through the haunted house together. We usually do split up groups of twelve or more. There are a lot of tight corners and face-to-face encounters with ghouls, and being in a bigger group may make you feel claustrophobic.

Why is the doorman so slow about letting each group in?
We try to spread groups out as much as possible, because Screamworld is more fun and much scarier if you feel like you and a few close friends are the only people in the place. It’s hard to create this feeling when you’re tripping over another group’s heels.

Will I have to wait in line for each attraction?
No. The attractions are set up to flow one into the other. Once you’ve waited in line to get in, there won’t be any more waiting periods between attractions. In fact, you might not even have time to catch your breath!

Are there bathrooms on site?
Port-o-pots are available outside. If you’re in the company of someone nervous, make sure they use the bathroom before entering the haunted house. Scared people may wet themselves. Or worse.

What happens if I get so scared I pass out?
We’ll carry you out. Happens all the time.

What happens if I get so scared I pee or poop on myself. Can you help me clean up?
Uh, no. You are on your own there.

What happens if I panic and run? Will I hurt myself on something sharp?
There’s nothing sharp to worry about, but you may run into a wall. Actually, Screamworld is set up so that it is very hard to get up any kind of speed. When people panic, they tend to just flatten themselves out against the walls.

Can you die in there for real?
Most survive.

I don’t scare easily. Will Screamworld scare me, or am I just wasting my money?
Screamworld is the home of Houston’s most terrifying haunted attractions. If we can’t scare you, you are already dead.

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Screamworld History

How long has Screamworld been in operation?
Screamworld has been in Houston for more than twenty-five years (established 1989) and at its present location for more than ten (opened 2001).

Is Screamworld better than Phobia?
We think it is, and so do the Houston Chronicle and the Houston Press, who have named Screamworld the best haunted house in Houston.

Is Screamworld owned by the same group that used to own the Haunted Hotels and the Fear Factory in downtown Houston?
Yes, that was us.

I heard a rumor that if I found my way to the top of the maze, I’d get my money back. Is it true?
Sorry, that’s an urban legend that originally had something to do with getting to the thirteenth floor of a hotel in downtown Houston. We’re not quite sure how it became attached to Screamworld. Anyway, you can’t get to the “top” of the maze, because the maze, like the rest of the attractions, is all on one level.

Who is Jack Slaughter, anyway?
For more information about the infamous Mr. Slaughter, go to our home page and click on Legend.

Is Jack Slaughter for real?
Like everything else about Halloween, it’s as true as you want it to be.

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Working for Screamworld

How old do I have to be to work for Screamworld?
At least 16.

Are there any exceptions? I’m only 11, but I have my parents’ consent.
Sorry, no exceptions. You must be 16 or older.

What are the requirements to be a Screamworld actor?
There are no requirements other than the age limit. Actors commit for an entire season and must arrive two hours before opening to get into their costumes and make-up.

When are auditions held?
Auditions are held during the month of September. Click on the employment tab for more details or to fill out an online application.

I missed the auditions. Does that mean I’m out of luck until next year?
Not necessarily. We often hire a couple of people per night if our regular staff doesn’t show. To be considered for a last-minute hire, simply arrive an hour or so early and inquire about any openings for the evening. Of course, there is no guarantee that Screamworld will have a job for you every night.

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